Where areWEEE?

join your abandoned electronics on their journey home.

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How it works

1. Choose your supplier and Install the sensors.

‌Log in to your dashboard. Enter the final destination and track the progress of your eWaste.

Avoid unconventional recyclers who may ship your electronic waste overseas.

2. Enter the pickup location.

Should your eWaste go off route or remain idle for an extended period of time, you can be notified.

This location should be the last place operated by you, not your supplier.

3. Enter the final destination of your eWaste.

A successful journey means your eWaste arrived at a reputable processing facility.

Your supplier may provide you with a location. Alternatively, ask eAdvisor.

4. Enter the estimated delivery date.

An estimated delivery date helps the application alert you if the items are not received within a reasonable period of time.

5. Monitor the route & receive alerts.

Track and trace

Say goodbye to outdated paper processes and disjointed data systems.

6. Enjoy your GHG emission reduction!

Poor remediation changes the chemical composition of the atmosphere via greenhouse gases. Pollutants can be released in to the air, water and soil.

Visualise theeWaste journey.

Track the journey of your abandoned electronics.

In anutshell.


Do you really know what happens to your electronic waste?

Too often, electronic waste equipment is "dumped" overseas.  The recovery of metals will always be better for the planet over manufacturing new products due to the high energy savings.

‌Despite being the world's fastest growing waste stream, society has not invested in infrastructure to handle the volume or complexity of our abandoned electronic and electrical devices.  ‌As an organization, you can do your part to reduce the likelihood of your electronic waste ending up in landfills.

‌It starts by asking your suppliers to validate where the waste is going, in real time.  This new and more intensive business process means letting go of the idea that audits will suffice.  

‌MobiCycle are here to help you in your journey to be stewards of the planet, at a fair cost, and with the minimum amount of disruption. ‌Contact us today to schedule your pilot for Where are WEEE?.